Meet our Postdocs

The UArizona is fortunate to be the academic home to about 500 postdocs, all of whom make substantial and important contributions to the research mission of the university. Scroll down and meet a few of these accomplished scholars.
Scientist in a lab

Suzann Duan

Dr. Suzann Duan has been working as a postdoc with Dr. Juanita L. Merchant at the University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC) since 2019 studying multifaceted approach to understand gastrointestinal disease.

Martin smiling at the camera

Martin Schlecker

Dr. Martin Schlecker is a postdoc researcher at the Steward Observatory. His research involves the understanding of how planets form. Dr. Schlecker is also interested in experimenting with different sleeping patterns!

Shivani with her big dog

Shivani Mann

Dr. Shivani Mann is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Neuroscience, working alongside Dr. Haijiang Cai on projects that seek to understand the neurocircuitry of taste.

Martha smiling at the camera

Martha Dua-Awereh

Dr. Martha Dua-Awereh is a postdoc researcher in the Immunobiology Department investigating models of cancer in human tissue, how it reacts, and related treatments.

Filip smiling with a plant

Filip Pošćić

Dr. Filip Pošćić does his postdoc research in plant physiology and hyperaccumulation in the Department of Environmental Science.

Austin looking at the camera

Austin Wiley

Dr. Austin Wiley is a postdoc in the School of Anthropology investigating disability anthropology of neurological differences like autism and how those differences can be disabling.

Kelly smiling at the camera

Kelly Heilman

Dr. Kelly Heilman works at the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research assessing how trees in forests respond to climate change, rising carbon dioxide levels, and the changing ways land is used.

Smiling at the camera

Mojgan Aghakhanloo

Dr. Mojgan Aghakhanloo is a postdoc at the Steward Observatory investigating fundamental parameters of massive stars, including how far and old they are.