Postdoctoral Mentoring Certificate

postdoc mentoring certificate

Earn a Postdoctoral Mentoring Certificate by engaging in online resources, participating in synchronous mentoring discussions, and drafting a mentoring statement. To be awarded a certificate, you must be a University of Arizona postdoctoral scholar and complete the following steps:

1) Complete the University of Arizona Level 1: MENTOR Institute Online Training through EDGE Learning. The training is free, asynchronous, and takes 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. If you have trouble accessing the training, find more information on how to access it here.

Upload your Certificate of Completion for the Mentor Institute Online Training using this link.

 2) Choose 3 items among the resources provided here. You can choose to view 3 videos, read 3 articles, or do a combination of viewing and reading, depending on your interests. Please choose two items from the General Resources on Mentoring and one item on Culturally Aware and Responsive Mentoring. You may also use other resources related to mentoring that
you find on your own.

Write a summary (100 - 250 words) for each item you reviewed, and upload your summaries here (note that you have to upload all three summaries at the same time).

3) When you have completed Steps (1) and (2), complete this form to notify our office. The Director will then arrange for you to participate in two discussion sessions focused on some aspect of mentoring.

4) Participate in two discussion sessions on mentoring. The date/time and topic will be determined in consultation with the Director of Postdoctoral Affairs and other postdocs who plan to participate. One session will focus on the development of a Mentoring Statement. The
other session will address topics such as those suggested by the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research ( CIMER ) -- for example, aligning expectations, cultivating ethical behavior, fostering independence, and maintaining effective communication – or other topics suggested by participants.

5) Apply what you have learned by writing a Mentoring Statement (no more than one page, single-spaced). Helpful information on writing mentoring statements is available here

Upload the draft of your statement here in a .doc or .docx format.  

6) The Director of Postdoctoral Affairs will provide feedback on your statement.

After you complete all the steps, you will be sent a digital version of the Postdoctoral Mentoring Certificate.

If you have any questions, please email