International Postdocs

Postdoctoral Affairs supports all postdoctoral scholars. UArizona International specifically supports international postdocs and hosts international-specific content and support. 

Find below some useful resources for international postdocs:

NPA Beginners Guide to Income Taxes: The U.S. taxation system is complex, and international postdocs working for U.S. employers should be prepared to invest some time to understand the regulations of this system. Check this guide to learn about basic information about taxation.

NPA International Postdoc Survival Guide: Being an international postdoc in the United States can be a daunting experience. This guide is intended to help alleviate some of these stresses and better inform current and prospective international postdocs.

Quick Guide to Visas: This guide is offered in an attempt to help international postdocs understand the basics of how to secure and maintain their immigration status during their research stay in the United States.

Training Plan for I-983 Forms: Federal regulations require the development of a formal training plan that identifies both the learning objectives and a plan for achieving those objectives. The intent of the training plan is to better ensure the academic benefit and integrity of the STEM optional practical training (OPT) extension, and the plan is to be developed by the trainee and the trainee’s mentor.