Health and Wellness

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Life & Work Connections

This website is the hub for health and wellness resources available to the UArizona employee community. They host weekly webinars on financial literacy, family and work balance, and many other interesting topics. They also have on-demand videos to watch at your own pace and a wide array of interesting article and resources to help you find a good balances between your demanding work and life. 


CAPS Resources

Although CAPS services are typically tailored to UArizona students, they have a wide variety of resources available to the public, including these:

  • Take Charge of your Well-Being Resources: this is a long list of resources to help you take charge of your well-being. It includes information about enhancing your health hygiene, staying connected with others, and protecting your heart and lungs, among others.  
  • Pathways to Wellness: here you will find resources to plan a wellness journey for yourself. It includes a personal wellness plan worksheet that you can complete to outline your plan and an extensive list of tools to practice wellness in multiple areas of your life. 

Mindful Mondays

Join us online this summer each Monday at 5:30 PM AZ  to begin or continue your mindfulness practice in community with friends known and new! We'll explore guided mindfulness practices focused on cultivating the skills of full presence and focused awareness, releasing the stressors of the day, and honoring our needs for care and community. Our practices will invite us to come home to ourselves, through use of breath, gentle movement, muscle relaxation and meditation. No prior experience is needed and all are welcome! 

Please sign-up for the summer sessions here. Facilitator: Leslie Langbert. These sessions are offered freely to our community, and we appreciate (and need) your support. Please consider offering a donation for Mindful Mondays.

Stressbusters Chill Now Resources

In this page you will find a variety of free videos for meditation, yoga, and calming exercises. 

Conversations on Compassion Podcast

This is a podcast created by UArizona Center for Compassion Studies. The podcast features a wide variety of speakers who address different issues that relate to practicing compassion, justice and love in these times. 

Nutrition Navigators Podcast

Nutrition Navigators is a UArizona Campus Health sponsored podcast that brings together different health and wellness professionals to help you navigate nutrition and wellness. 


Current information on COVID-19 guidance can be found here.