What's next, Doc?

In this series, postdocs share their experiences at the University of Arizona, comment on some of the highlights of their journey, and tell us what their post-postdoc futures hold. Check out their inspiring stories!
You can also check out some other former postdocs on our Postdoc Alumni page.
Dr. Minde on the street

What's next, Dr. Minde?

In this article, read about Dr. Julie Minde's journey from commanding a military intelligence task force in Afghanistan, becoming a postdoc, and accepting a professor position this Fall.


What's next, Dr. Neville?

Dr. Rachel Neville moved out of Tucson’s Sonoran Desert city and opted for the forested mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona, a move that took her from postdoc to faculty. Read Dr. Neville's full story here.


What's next, Dr. Garcia?

Dr. Amanda Garcia left the Tucson desert for the snows of Wisconsin in order to pioneer a new NASA program. As a postdoc at UArizona, she researched ancient enzymes, specifically reconstructing the early evolution of nitrogen fixation via laboratory synthesis. Read Dr. Garcia's full story here.


What's next, Dr. Olsen?

Dr. Karen Olsen is an astrophysicist and Computer Vision scientist. As a postdoc at the UArizona, her research focused on galaxy evolution and on the generation of synthetic observations of simulated galaxies. After her postdoc, Dr. Olsen made a career change! Check out her full story here.


What's next, Dr. Dodson?

Dr. Matthew Dodson is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Arizona. Dodson was a postdoctoral researcher at UArizona for five years until being promoted in January 2021. Read Dr. Dodson's full story here.