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Welcome to Postdoctoral Affairs

The mission of University of Arizona Postdoctoral Affairs is two-fold:

  1. advance postdoctoral scholars by providing career and professional development resources, fostering an inclusive academic community, and promoting excellence in research, innovation and impact, and
  2. support faculty in their role as postdoctoral mentors.

Welcome to the University of Arizona, where postdoctoral scholars are highly valued campus community members. Now that you have made the important decision to come to the University of Arizona, we at Postdoctoral Affairs want to help make your arrival here as smooth as possible, your stay here enjoyable and fulfilling, and your postdoctoral experience a successful and productive one.

Postdoctoral Affairs supports postdoctoral scholars by:

  • Assisting with the transition and arrival to the university through orientations and website resources;

  • Keeping postdoctoral scholars apprised of relevant events through a calendar and an opt-in listserv;

  • Providing professional development opportunities through in-person and web-based workshops, small group discussions, a professional development certificate, a mentoring certificate, and personal consultations with the Director of Postdoctoral Affairs or the PhD Career Consultant;

  • Offering intramural funding and award opportunities for postdocs;

  • Working to build community among postdoctoral scholars;

  • Celebrating the work of postdoctoral scholars on LinkedIn,  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram;

  • Advocating for postdoctoral scholars and serving as a liaison between the postdoctoral community and the university administration;

  • Helping prepare postdoctoral scholars for the next steps in their career, whether it be in academia, industry, government, or other settings;

  • Supporting faculty in their role as postdoctoral mentors.

Please get in touch with us with questions, for a meeting with me, or just to say “hello.” We look forward to serving you.

Jenny Hoit, PhD

Director, Postdoctoral Affairs

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