Postdoc Success Stories: Dr. Li Zheng had a recent co-authored publication on spatial cognition!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Postdoctoral Affairs would like to congratulate Dr. Li Zheng on the publication of her co-authored article featured in Nature Communications. Dr. Zheng’s research explores spatial cognition, specifically using fMRIs to understand the brain’s contributions to temporal and spatial representation.

Her newly published work presents the results from an fMRI study in which participants were asked to recall details about simulated city layouts. Participants treated similar environments as if they are even more different than a pair of environments that had nothing in common. These findings offer a glimpse at the processes involved in relearning similar experiences and shine light on why humans get lost in grocery stores. Dr. Zheng and her colleagues hope their research will inform our understanding of neural diseases including stroke and Alzheimer's. News of Dr. Zheng’s publication was featured in the University of Arizona News. Congratulations, Li!