Meet Postdoc Tyler Doane

Monday, May 4, 2020

Down-to-earth postdoc Tyler Doane earned his doctoral degree in Geological and Earth Sciences from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. After graduating, Doane knew he had barely scratched the surface of the material he was studying and was eager to learn more.

As a Postdoc at University of Arizona, Doane researches geomorphology. Geomorphology looks at the evolution of Earth’s surfaces by studying how rocks break down into mobile sediment and soil and move along Earth’s surface. Doane has been able to apply mathematical concepts to understand how sediment moves and, as a result highlight and understand processes of landscape evolution and signatures of sediment transport processes.

Clearly a lover of all Earth has to offer, Doane thrives on being outdoors when he isn’t conducting his research. He enjoys rollerblading and is currently learning how to windsurf!

Doane likes being a postdoc at the UA because, “there are a lot of departments that have similar and overlapping research with my own. I think that has been a great resource, having people to bounce ideas off of.”