Meet Postdoc Tiffany Jones

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Postdoc Tiffany N. Jones’s passion for mathematics started at an early age with the encouragement of her parents and early educators and led her into teaching high school math and physics. Here at the University of Arizona, she continues to pursue her passion for mathematics and credits her enthusiasm to being a self-proclaimed “lifelong learner.” 

Tiffany’s postdoc research includes the development, analysis, and validation of numerical methods used for modeling highly oscillatory wave problems. When Tiffany manages to break away from her work, she finds peace in gardening and DIY projects. Though she dabbles in these hobbies to de-stress, she finds that she often relates them to mathematics! The trial and error processes required in both gardening and DIY projects keep her mind engaged in discovery.

Tiffany credits the many professional and personal connections she has made through the University of Arizona in helping her stay motivated (and sane!). Tiffany’s success lies in her willingness to keep the ball rolling —“The more I learn, the better I will become.”

Written by Lauren Raviele