Meet Postdoc Maria Vittoria Mazzamuto

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

As a wildlife ecologist, postdoc Maria Vittoria Mazzamuto studies the effects of habitat deterioration, resource exploitation and human-induced climate change on individuals and populations. Maria Vittoria conducts her research not only here at the University of Arizona, but also at the University of Insubria - UAGRA in Italy.

Maria Vittoria’s passion for understanding wildlife in our ever-changing world began while taking Ecology, Zoology and Ethology classes during her undergrad program. Her hope is to someday be a professor, teaching like-minded students about the importance of ecological systems.

When she’s not observing animals or surveying landscapes, Maria Vittoria enjoys being out of the office and practicing yoga, doing arts and crafts, and taking her smooth fox terrier, Ludo, for walks. When stepping back from her research, Maria Vittoria is reminded of our dependence on nature—“Nature is something to fight for but we cannot do it if we don't know the way it works.”

Written by Lauren Raviele