Meet Postdoc Ian Robey


Dr. Ian Robey is a Research Assistant Professor within the Department of Medicine at the University of Arizona and a Full Investigator at the Arizona Cancer Center. His research specialty in grad school was antibodies and immunology and, as a postdoc, his specialty is tumor biology and microenvironment. Both specialties eventually led him to cancer research at the Arizona Cancer Center.

Robey also serves as the Technical Director for the Department of Veterans Affairs Biorepository Brain Bank, which helps support future research on central nervous system diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In his future. Robey sees himself continuing his work at the VA Biorepository Brain Bank and sees it expanding to other areas of focus including COVID-19.

Before he discovered immunology, Robey had aspirations of becoming a marine biologist and even keeps a saltwater aquarium to this day.