Meet Postdoc Hamid Dashti

Monday, May 11, 2020

After earning his master’s degree in Iran and his doctorate from Boise State University, Dr. Hamid Dashti came to the University of Arizona to further his research on climate change. Dashti specializes in remote sensing and uses that to process satellite data of vegetation dynamics to predict the fate of the Arctic.

Growing up in Iran, Dashti saw how climate change can lead to adverse environmental and social disasters. He witnessed first hand the depletion of agricultural land from drought which ultimately led to food shortages and other social problems. This personal experience, his love for the outdoors, and his parents' support helped launch Dashi on his current research path.

Speaking of his love for the outdoors, Hamid picked up the hobby of whitewater kayaking while living in Boise, Idaho. In Tucson, he spends his leisure time hiking the many trails in the surrounding area. About the University of Arizona, Dashti says it is, “one of the best universities in the USA and provides lots of opportunities for personal growth and professional development.”