Meet Postdoc Erin Maresh

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dr. Erin Maresh is anything but self-centered, but her research centers around the self and understanding its neural, behavioral, and clinical correlates. Erin is a postdoc in the Psychology Department in the Neuroscience of Emotion and Thought Lab.

Dr. Maresh is currently leading a study examining how heightened self-focus, or increased attention to one’s own thoughts, feelings, and behavior, can affect people’s relationships, interpersonal systems, and mental health. For example, excessive negative self-focus increases one’s own risk of developing depression or anxiety but may also impact the mental health of that individual’s friends, family, and romantic partners.

When Dr. Maresh isn’t working towards her dream of being a professor with her own research lab, she practices Krav Maga, a new hobby of hers. She also enjoys creating music by playing drums and piano.