Meet Dr. Dy!

alane dy picture

Dr. Alane Dy is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Asthma and Airway Disease Research Center within the University of Arizona Health Sciences. Last year, Dr. Dy was awarded a Postdoctoral Research Development Grant for her current research: identifying links between anti-collagen autoantibodies and poor lung function. She was also awarded a meritorious abstract scholarship by the American Thoracic Society to present this research at their international conference this month.  

Dr. Dy was initially drawn to pulmonary health because of how exposed the body’s airways are to the environment. Dr. Dy’s research focuses on how lung function can be negatively affected by risk factors, such as genetic traits and environmental irritants. She is asking the question “How are these factors affecting a person’s airways and lungs that make them not function as well as before or as well as another person’s?” Dr. Dy specializes in uncovering determinants of chronic lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. She hopes that a better understanding of these processes will lead to tailoring personalized medicine for each individual’s pulmonary health needs.  

Dr. Dy is a community-focused STEM researcher who expresses the value of the mentors that have guided her throughout her career. As a postdoc, she is paying forward the support she has received, particularly to underrepresented youth and women pursuing careers in STEM research.  

“I think what is frequently overlooked is the impact you have as a role model  to people that are younger than you… To have people that look like me see me and realize that they can also do what I do.”  

Dr. Dy’s research journey in the area of immunobiology has transitioned from experimental biology at the bench to data science and computational analysis. With this wealth of experience, she is looking forward to developing and leading an independent research program after finishing her postdoc. Recognition of her research presentation at the ATS conference is a significant step towards achieving that goal. 

Read Dy. Dy’s publications at this link: