Congratulations to the BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship Awardees!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship recognizes outstanding postdoctoral researchers at the University of Arizona who are engaging in multi-disciplinary research projects aligned with the foci of the BIO5 Institute. These grants are specifically designed to support and enhance the independent research goals of BIO5 postdoctoral researchers, showcase their research at a BIO5 Research Symposium via short talks and/or poster sessions, and to facilitate a “forward thinking” mindset by requiring each fellow to form a three-member mentoring committee.

Joseph Alvin - Immunobiology

By funding Joseph's RNA-seq analysis, the support from the fellowship will yield a massive trove of data, on which he can build a portion of his future independent research as a principal investigator. Additionally, these data will support the development of bioinformatics and computational skills which are increasingly essential for research.

Diana Ferro - Pharmacology

Diana's research focuses on providing new insights into the homeostasis of reactive oxygen species in relation to environmental, immunological and pathological changes. This fellowship supports her training to become a principal investigator by providing a supervisor committee that is committed to her professional development. 

Lucas D'Souza - Immunobiology

Lucas has always been passionate about immunology, and this fellowship is a stepping-stone to further his growth in it. Its mentorship module has given Lucas fantastic inputs on his research and how to build towards a faculty position. It has also helped in organizing findings to be presented at a conference.

Shaun Davis - Entomology

Receiving the BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship has allowed Shaun to pursue research areas that are related yet independent from his postdoctoral advisor, allowing him to develop his own research program. Furthermore, this fellowship has provided Shaun the means to attend diverse conferences.

Emma Bowers - Medicine

Emma received this fellowship to study whether LINE1 molecules within lung epithelial cell exosomes can serve as a biomarker of environmental exposures and lung cancer. The fellowship allowed her to purchase supplies, cover publication costs, and facilitated the mentoring process for her career development.

Koeun Lim - Psychology

Koeun will develop and optimize a novel automated procedure of characterizing the excitability of the cortical motor pathway probed by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The new method will shorten the procedure, in turn decreasing discomfort in human applications, by adjusting the stimulation paradigm to adapt to the response sensitivity and range of each individual.

Katherine Rhodes - Immunobiology

This fellowship has helped Katherine forge professional relationships within her field by providing her with funding to travel to her collaborator's lab. While there, she will learn cutting edge techniques that push her research forward and broaden her perspective through time spent in a new environment.

Chandrasekaran Sambamurthy - Immunobiology

This fellowship will allow Chandrasekaran to develop expertise in iPSC technology and high throughput screens, giving him highly sought-after skill sets. In addition, the unique mentoring aspect of the project allows him to develop a broader scientific network here at UA while also receiving advice from experts in iPSC technology and high throughput genetic manipulations.