Congratulations to the 2019 PRDG Awardees!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Congratulations to the seven postdocs awarded the Postdoctoral Research Development Grants, specifically designed to help promote independence of postdoctoral scholars by providing funds for additional research training or experience that is outside the scope of their current postdoctoral appointments.

Erin L. Maresh – Psychology

​Dr. Maresh will attend the Society for Psychophysiological Research Annual Meeting, present research on neural correlates of self-focus in social anxiety, and participate in a day-long workshop on ambulatory psychophysiology.

Maha Saber – Child Health

Dr. Saber will travel to the Lund Brain Injury Laboratory for Neurosurgical Research in Sweden to exchange ideas on synaptosome quantification with researchers at the institute and receive feedback on experimental design specifically focused on clinical need.

Brieann Satterfield - Psychiatry

Dr. Satterfield’s project will use genetic polymorphisms related to the cortisol stress response and performance impairments during sleep loss to identify vulnerability to sleep loss, stress, their interaction, and insight into possible underlying mechanisms of vulnerability.

Vimala Bharadwaj – Basic Medical Sciences

Dr. Bharadwaj will conduct a project aimed to understand the key blood-brain barrier modulators after migraine to facilitate the development of effective migraine therapeutic regimens.

Elaheh Alizadeh - Cellular and Molecular medicine

Dr. Alizadeh will attend the American Society for Cell Biology meeting, present her research, network with leaders in the field, and learn about different career paths.

Mary Jo Cantoria – Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Dr. Cantoria will attend a Biotech Mini-Course, at the American Society for Cell Biology meeting, to become a competitive applicant for biotechnology. The course will provide information on how scientific discoveries are translated into business endeavors.

Jennifer Lising Roxas – School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Roxas will conduct research aiming at generating important preliminary data to identify the Cryptosporidium surface antigen CSL and its host binding partner.