Reentry Protocol Updates


We have compiled a list with the most relevant information regarding the reentry plan at UArizona. 

Weekly UArizona Reentry Briefing, Thursdays, 10:00-11:00 a.m

President Robins, Dr. Carmona, and other university stakeholders host weekly briefings to inform the public about updates on the reentry plan. These briefings are live-streamed every Thursday at, where you will also find a link to a Zoom room with live ASL interpretation, hosted by the University’s Disability Resource Center. A reminder email will be sent in advance, with any additional updates announced via the University's official Twitter account.

RII Information Session for Postdocs

Sangita Pawar, Vice President of Operations in Research Innovation and Impact (RII),  and Lori Schultz, Senior Director in RII hold Zoom meetings with postdocs to provide current information on policy and procedures related to the restart of research and campus reentry based on the specific interests of UArizona postdocs. These senior staff members will be there to answer your questions and hear your concerns, and hope to continue the conversation, both in later sessions and by being available for your questions outside of these sessions. 

Upcoming sessions: 

Research Restart Plan  

In this page, you will find the most recent guidelines for the reopening of the research enterprise activities.

Campus Health Alerts

In this page, you can keep track of health updates, including the number of positive cases on campus.

Return to the University Workplace document 

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the recommendations, best practices, requirements, and resources available for all UArizona employees returning to on-site work. This document is in draft form, awaiting approval by the Incident Command Structure / Senior Leadership. You will need to sign in with your NetID to access the document.

COVID-19 Workplace Positive Case Notification Protocol 

This document outlines the process to be followed by supervisors when a university employee or regular building occupant reports that they: (a) have tested positive for COVID-19, (b) are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, and/or (c) have had close contact with someone that has tested positive. 

The goal of this protocol is to ensure appropriate rapid response to minimize the possibility of virus transmission while protecting the privacy, to the fullest extent reasonably possible, of individuals who have contracted the virus. 

Other Relevant Resources