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Writing Groups

Writing groups have the power to improve the productivity of academics, see an example of a Higher Ed article

Boost your productivity! Join an active writing group of around 6-8 people, just for postdocs. Email postdoc@email.arizona.edu with the subject line "Join Postdoc Writing Groups" to join!

Postdoc Writing Group Launch, Laura Hunter, Office of the Provost. Check out a presentation on this topic from Laura Hunter, Office of the Provost: postdoc_writing_group_launch_2017.pdf




We support our Postdoctoral Scholars. Read more on the UA Human Resources policies website.

University of Arizona's Postdoctoral Affairs Office

Looking ahead, we're a new office!

We're a new office! While the UA Postdoctoral Affairs office is in the beginning stages, we anticipate further developments to facilitate opportunities for engagement among postdocs across the campus. In the meantime, check out the announcements on the left side of the page, and the events calendar, for the most up-to-date information on Postoctoral Affairs at the U of A. Also, sign up for the opt-in listerv to stay current on postdoc events, professional development opportunities, and other resources (instructions at top of page)


National Postdoctoral Association

The University of Arizona is a member of the National Postdoctoral Association. Any intrested individual affiliated with the University of Arizona may join the NPA for free as an affiliate member. See also the link below for the UA Postdoctoral Association, which is on its way to becoming a recognized NPA chapter.

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Last updated 17 May 2017