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Joel Muraco, PhD - Ph.D. Career Counselor
Joel Muraco (Ph.D.) is the Ph.D. Career Counselor for The Graduate College and Postdoctoral Affairs. Dr. Muraco helps graduate students and postdoctoral scholars looking to transition out of academe. He is available to assist with career exploration, online professional profiles, networking, application materials, interviewing, and negotiating job offers. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about the career search process and is especially attuned to the process for PhD level talent. Dr. Muraco can be reached at or (520) 626-8851.

Career Forward Summer Series

This summer, we are co-hosting the Career Forward Summer Series with UArizona Graduate Center.  In this series of Facebook Live events, Dr. Joel Muraco will address multiple topics related to job market preparation. These talks are specifically tailored to postdocs and graduate students who are interested in expanding their career options beyond academia. They will be streamed live in our Facebook page every other Thursday from June 25th until August 6th. 

You do not need to have a Facebook account to access the live events or the recordings. You may click on the links and access without registering for an account or signing in.

Upcoming events 

July 9th (12-1pm) - Branding Yourself for Industry Positions

It's important we effectively communicate how our skills and experiences align with what employers are looking for and wanting in candidates. Learn strategies for identifying what it is employers want, and how to market your skills and experiences in ways that will resonate with employers.

July 23rd (12-1pm) - Creating and Tailoring Industry Appropriate Application Materials

Your application materials need to clearly communicate how you are a good fit for the role to which you are applying. Rarely will a CV be your document of choice when applying to industry roles. Learn strategies, tips, and tricks for creating materials that will get you interviews.

August 6th (12-1pm) - Preparing For and Acing Industry Interviews

The best way to improve at interviewing is to prepare and practice. Thankfully, there are many resources and tools available to help you do both. Learn how best to prepare and practice for the interviews you anticipate having to help increase you chances of receiving an offer.

Recordings of Past Events

A Conversation about the Current Job Market 

On Thursday, May 28, we hosted the first of a Summer series Facebook live events with Dr. Joel Muraco, career counselor at UArizona.  In this interactive event, Dr. Muraco talked about general tips on how to approach the post-COVID 19 job market, the importance of having a digital presence, and gave a general overview of how to translate academic skills into industry fields. You can watch the entire discussion on our Facebook page linked above.

Leaving Academia: One Postdoc’s Story

On Friday, June 12, we hosted the second of a Summer series Facebook live events with Dr. Joel Muraco, career counselor at UArizona. This time, we heard from Dr. Thomas Moon, UArizona postdoctoral scholar, about his successful transition from academia to industry. Dr. Moon shared his experiences regarding the process of finding industry positions, developing his network and learning how to market his diverse skill set with the guidance of Dr. Muraco’s free career counseling services. You can watch the entire discussion on our Facebook page linked above.

Identifying Opportunities Outside the Academy: A how-to guide

On Thursday, June 23, we hosted the third event of our Career Forward Summer Series, on Facebook Live. Dr. Joel Muraco, UArizona PhD. career counselor, provided clear guidance on how to identify job opportunities outside academia. He talked about how to identify possible careers that match your skill set, how to engage in effective networking, and how to strategically use LinkedIn for your professional development. You can watch the entire talk in the link provided above. If you would like access to the presentation materials, including the links to the resources mentioned during the talk, please complete our brief attendance survey here

Resources for academic careers

From UCSF Career Page

  • Research-focused position:
    • Sample I (Cover letter, CV, teaching statement)
    • Sample II (Cover letter, CV, research statement, teaching statement)
    • Sample III (Research statement)
  • Research and teaching-focused position:
    • Sample I (Cover letter, CV, teaching statement, research statement)*added July 2017, small liberal arts college
    • Sample II (Cover letter, CV, teaching statement, research statement)*added July 2017, small liberal arts college
    • Sample III (Cover letter, CV, teaching statement)

Interviewing for Faculty Positions

Resources for alt-ac careers

Other resources

UA Alumni Career and Professional Development Lab

All alumni (and postdocs) can access our job board, live career webinars, networking resources, and more.

The Professor is In

Learn more about applications, pivoting out of academia, motivation for writing, mentorship, the job market, hitting deadlines, tenure, and more from this previous R1 tenured professor, department head, and university advisor.