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The UA has its own University of Arizona Postdoctoral Association (UAPA), email

"UAPA was formed in 2016 to help serve and connect the postdoctoral community at the University of Arizona (UA). We’re a postdoc-led organization that works in collaboration with the Postdoctoral Affairs Office to support social and professional networking among postdocs, create professional development opportunities and advocate for issues related to the postdoc community at UA."

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Diana Ferro, PhD, Molecular & Cell Biology

Diana's research goal is to provide new insights into the homeostasis of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in relation to environmental, immunological, and physiological changes using a novel integrative approach.

Grace Niemiro, PhD, Kinesiology

Grace’s research interests include optimizing stem cell transplant therapies with exercise in instances of hematological malignancies, cancers, and other conditions that require stem cell transplants.

Priyanka Kushwaha, PhD, Soil Microbial Ecology

Priyanka’s research goals are to understand the nitrogen dynamics and the associated microbial functions in low-nutrient arid/semi-arid soil systems.

Jenna Coalson, PhD, Epidemiology

Jenna started at UA in August 2016 doing research on vector-borne disease transmission.

Allison Rubenok, PhD, College of Optical Science

Allison is an experimental physicist specializing in the development of photonic quantum technology.

Ways to get involved

1) Subscribe to the Postdoctoral Listserv

Send an email to, with the subject line "subscribe FirstName LastNamewith your personal first and last names.

For further instructions on managing your email subscriptions, please visit the UA UITS page.

In an effort to provide you with opportunities to connect with your peers on campus, we have created a listserv for UA postdocs. This listserv operates like departmental listservs and is an open forum for postdoctoral scholars to connect, ask questions, and plan events. 

Join the PostDoc Place mailing list.

The PostDoc place is a group of postdoctoral scholars from various disciplines whose goal is to provide support and allow for the sharing of information among postdocs on the UA campus. 


2) Join the University of Arizona Postdocs Facebook Group