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UAPA is a postdoc-run organization, working in collaboration with Postdoctoral Affairs.

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Grace Niemiro, PhD, Kinesiology

Grace’s research interests include optimizing stem cell transplant therapies with exercise in instances of hematological malignancies, cancers, and other conditions that require stem cell transplants.

Priyanka Kushwaha, PhD, Soil Microbial Ecology

Priyanka’s research goals are to understand the nitrogen dynamics and the associated microbial functions in low-nutrient arid/semi-arid soil systems.

Tyler Doane, PhD, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Tyler's work aims at exploring and developing quantitative descriptions of sediment motion in rivers and hillslopes that lead to development of patterns on Earth’s surface, transport of nutrients, and large-scale evolution of Earth’s surface.

Allison Rubenok, PhD, College of Optical Science

Allison is an experimental physicist specializing in the development of photonic quantum technology.

Shariful Islam, PhD, Cancer Biology

Shariful's research goal is to discover novel targeted therapeutic options for patients with lymphoma by understanding molecular mechanisms of drug-resistance and underlying cellular signaling pathways.