Training Grant Resources

If you are preparing a training grant that will fund postdocs, or if your postdoc is working on their own individual training grant, you will probably need information about campus resources and support. Here, we provide some documents that may be helpful.

  • Principal Investigator, Project Director, Co-Principal Investigator (PI, PD, Co-PI) Eligibility

  • Institutional Environment, this is a description of resources and support that could be used in the writing of an institutional environment section of a training grant.

  • Some training grants may ask for the list of professional development workshops offered by the institution. Although the schedule and titles of the workshops change from year to year, we have compiled a list of “typical” workshops offered each year. These workshops are either sponsored or co-sponsored by UArizona Postdoctoral Affairs or information about them is provided in our weekly email and on our calendar. Here is the list

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) may require a Career Development Plan (CDP) for the F32, K awards, and other training grants. Here are some guidelines for creating a CDP.