Galileo Circle Postdoc Scholar Award

2021 Galileo Circle Postdoc Scholar Award

Postdoctoral Scholars in the College of Science

Nomination by Department Head required

1 nomination per unit

The submission deadline is end of day Monday, September 28, 2020.

This award recognizes the contributions made by postdoctoral appointed personnel or classified staff deserving of recognition for their substantial and invaluable contributions to the research, mentoring, and outreach missions of both the College of Science and University of Arizona.


The nomination consists of a letter from the Department Head. The letter of nomination (2-page maximum) should include a summary of the following information, where applicable:


  • Teaching and mentoring contributions
  • Research area(s) and number of publications
  • Sources and amounts of grant funding
  • Number of students mentored and their subsequent accomplishments
  • National and international awards received and their significance
  • Collaborations with other academic institutions and, where applicable, with industry
  • Public outreach and community service contributions
  • Significance of the candidate’s work to the department, college, university, world

The 2021 Postdoc Awardee will be selected by the Galileo Circle Awards Committee, and announced to the College of Science Dean’s Advisory Board at their fall meeting. 

Nomination letters should be addressed to:
Elliott Cheu
Interim Dean, College of Science
Gould-Simpson, room 1025
P.O. Box 210077


The Galileo Circle Postdoc Award is intended to be one of the highest honors the College of Science can bestow on its postdoctoral, appointed personnel or classified staff. Each Galileo Circle Postdoc Award recipient receives a one-time $2,500 award funded by members of the Galileo Circle.

If you have any questions or would like to submit the nomination electronically, contact:
Dale Schoonover, Assistant Director of Donor Relations, UA Science, 621-6797,