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Postdoctoral Job Titles, Structure and Benefits

The University of Arizona designates postdocs as Postdoctoral Research Associates. The titles of Postdoctoral Research Associate I, II, III, IV, and V have been established.
Decision Tool - Other Research Job Titles/Structure
Some units utilize unique job titles and career ladders where additional assistance is needed to determine if the position is a postdoc position. The decision tool helps to identify whether a specific research position qualifies as a postdoctoral position.
ERE Rate
Employees hired under the Conditions of Postdoctoral Service fit into the Faculty Ancillary category.

Postdoctoral Offer Letter Template
See Faculty and Appointed Personnel Offer Letter Builder Template.

Specific benefits available to each of the five postdoc job titles.

Tax Sheltered Annuity (403(b) and Deferred Compensation Plan  (457)

Post docs may contribute to a Tax Sheltered Annuity (403(b)) and/or to the
Deferred Compensation Plan (457).

University Handbook For Appointed Personnel (UHAP)
The UHAP is the relevant handbook for postdoctoral research associates. Conditions of Postdoctoral Service are found in Chapter 12.

Information on policies applicable to Research Associates not defined as Postdoctoral Scholars is contained in the UHAP Chapter IV. ARLS has prepared a useful comparison of Postdoctoral Scholars vs Research Associate - FY 2012 Overview applicable to scholars who do not meet the postdoctoral definition.

Last updated 22 Jan 2016