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Black-lighting Insect Adventure Field Trip, July 20th

Submitted on July 13, 2017

Black-lighting Insect Adventure Field Trip, July 20th

Field trip with Keaton Wilson of UAPA Blacklighting insect adventure trip, Thursday (July 20th) Madera Canyon south of Tucson

Hi UA Postdocs,

The UAPA is sponsoring a nerd-tacular field trip to celebrate the return of the Summer monsoons here in Tucson. Keaton Wilson (me: a postdoc in Entomology) is organizing a blacklighting insect adventure trip next Thursday (July 20th) down to the beautiful Madera Canyon south of Tucson.    Blacklighting is a technique used by entomologists to collect night-flying insects using a series of different lights and sheets to draw in many of the spectacular species here in southeastern AZ. If you’ve ever wanted to get out and see some amazing insects, and get a chance to identify a lot of different species, this is the opportunity! The monsoon season here in Southwestern AZ is absolutely spectacular for bugs - there are some photos attached below of some of the insects we may encounter.    So, here are the details:   When: We’ll meet at 7:00 pm, and depending on the carpool situation, people can filter back as they’d like. I’ll probably stay until 11 or midnight, depending on how good things are.   Where: Because we’re headed south, let’s meet at the Home Depot parking lot off of Irvington. It’s a safe place to park for a while, and we can figure out carpooling there.    What to bring: Camp chairs are great, along with headlamps. Snacks and beverages (of the adult and non-adult variety) are also a good choice. Dogs are welcome, with a leash (my chihuahua will definitely be in attendance). The event is family-friendly, but be aware that some potentially dangerous (but really, really cool) desert creatures are active at night (snakes, scorpions and others). I reccomend wearing long pants and sleeves, with dark colors (some people really don’t like the feeling of insects crawling on their bare skin, and this can happen sometimes - long sleeves make things more comfortable).    Please RSVP. Let me know if you’re attending, how long you plan on staying, whether or not you can drive and whether might be willing to carpool and any other important details, so I can get a head-count and organize everything: