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Summer Workshop: SLHS 497/597: Accent Modification, June 5 – July 6

Submitted on April 11, 2017

Do people have trouble understanding your English? Would you like to improve the clarity of your speech? If so, consider this Workshop!

SLHS 497/597 Accent Modification (Course section 045) 2017 Summer Session I: June 5 – July 6 Group Meetings: Tuesday and Thursdays 12:00 – 12:50 pm  Individual sessions: 1 hour/week (to be scheduled)  Instructor: Janet Hawley, M.S., CCC-SLP Location: SLHS Building, 1131 E. Second Street, Room 409

Purpose of the Workshop

It is often appealing to hear English spoken with a foreign accent, but sometimes the accent is so "strong" that the English is difficult to understand. This course is designed for UA students, as well as faculty and other university employees, who seek to modify their accented English. The in-class and individual activities are designed to facilitate development of an American English accent with expected outcomes of improved intelligibility and reduced “accentedness” of English pronunciation.

Course Format and Teaching Methods

The course consists of small group and individual experiential learning activities accompanied by brief lectures. In addition to the course meeting time, an individual meeting (1 hour) will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time for each participant. Structured home practice will be provided and monitored to maximize success in the course.

Janet L. Hawley is a certified speech-language pathologist with Compton Foreign Accent Modification certification and more than 25 years of clinical experience in accent reduction. Individual training sessions will be conducted by supervised graduate students in speech-language pathology and Janet Hawley. Direct questions to
To enroll, contact Denise Minopoli
UA employees may apply the Qualified Tuition Reduction benefit to this course.